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Our NSPIRE/NSPIRE experts will perform an on-site pre-inspection which will identify the potentially highest-scoring defects to create a strategy that will maximize your NSPIRE/NSPIRE score.
We then utilize this strategy to come up with a comprehensive repair plan to quickly and efficiently eliminate those deficiencies so you can go through your inspection with peace of mind.
Our NSPIRE/NSPIRE teams will execute the repair plan with the necessary amount of workers to get our client’s properties quickly up to inspection standards. After our inspection and repair services are completed, we offer a NSPIRE/NSPIRE Expert to accompany the NSPIRE/NSPIRE inspector on his inspection, advocating and further maximizing the property owner’s NSPIRE/NSPIRE grade outcome.

Don’t do it alone! Have a NSPIRE/NSPIRE Expert in your corner!

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What Our Client Say About Us

Settlers Ranch Apartments, Houston, TX received an NSpire Score of 90 after retaining and hiring NSPIRE EXPERTS to prepare and repair the community. The prior year score was a 46.
NSPIRE EXPERTS did the job right and knows the process and program and achieved success for Settlers Ranch and we are grateful for their professional expertise. Respectfully presented, Owner, Commerce Equities, Inc.

Matt D Settlers Ranch

We hired NSPIRE Experts for a property of ours that had struggled with its previous NSPIRE a few months prior. They came in, noted deficiencies, did the work, and shadow walked with the inspector. Communication was great, work was done in a timely manner, and we scored a 97.

Kyle C Ogden Realty

We hired REAC Experts (Now NSPIRE Experts)to do a full pre inspection for 402 of our units scattered around 3 states. They more then delivered, providing 5 different inspectors, each one very knowledgeable and patient. Highly recommend and will continue using.

Janice M. Bayrock Partners

Got a pre-inspection done from another company and brought NSPIRE Experts to come in and repair the 54 deficiencies found. NSPIRE Experts crew was lead by an amazing foreman who knew NSPIRE standards well. Not only did he and his crew fix the issues, they went through all 61 units top to bottom and found/fixed more than 40 other deficiencies the other pre-inspection company missed.

Jared L. Mercy Housing

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